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The One-of-a-Kind Difference Found Only In Earth's Whey

Amish Grass Pasture Fed Earth's Whey
Pure, Clean Amish Dairy
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Natural, Grass Fed Whey Protein | Earth’s Superfood Nourishment

Earth’s Whey began as a quest to combine Amish tradition, unique natural science and Mother Earth’s rich bounty. We set out to determine if it were possible to raise the bar in preserving the dense nutrition found only in raw whey protein. Well, we did it while keeping Earth’s Whey pure and simple: with only three raw and natural ingredients. We also had to make it lusciously delicious with ZERO SUGAR. Our secret is our happy, grass-fed cows, along with our crafted Natural science, and our painstaking cold processing, where you can literally taste the deliciously pure and simple, raw freshness in our cold processed protein.

Earth’s Whey — Manna from the Milk

Historically, “manna” is well known as a miraculous Superfood, supplying powerfully divine nourishment from Heaven and Nature. There are very few true superfoods on this earth, and raw and fresh whey protein is one of the few. We believe our Earth’s Whey protein delivers a powerhouse of super, natural earth nourishment, a kind of heaven sent nourishment, right here on earth.

Thus, we call our special whey protein, “Manna” from the milk, providing super, natural nourishment.

Super, Natural Nourishment

As it is known, whey is a nutritionally rich component of milk. Our milk comes from only Amish grass fed dairy cows which provide perhaps the finest, clean, pure milk on earth.

And, as a result of our industry unique Bio-Fresh formulation process, we carefully derive the greatest “as found in nature” protein nourishment from the whey.

This is why we refer to our Earth’s Whey protein as a one-of-a-kind “manna from the milk.”

So, first you have the milk. Then you have the whey component of milk. Then you have the protein portion of the whey, which is our one-of-a-kind Earth’s Whey.



The manner in which we derive the protein portion of the milk whey (the whey protein contained in milk’s whey) allows for the retention of the greatest amount of nutrition rich goodness possible, which is abundantly found in Earth’s Whey. Our Bio-Fresh process allows us to bring this incredibly potent superfood whey protein nutrition to you!

Through our incredible Earth’s Whey, we provide one of the greatest gifts of Mother Nature to you. We believe it’s a whey protein wonder!

Dedication to detail, brilliant, unstoppable intelligence and natural science created a delicate formulation process we call Bio-Fresh that provides the “manna-like” whey protein nutrition found inside Earth’s Whey Bio-Alive protein.

We are certain that this methodical hand crafting process takes more time and resources than any other manufacturer. We also know the tremendous health value in providing you with a method that nears perfection in retaining Mother Earth’s manna-like superfood nutrition.

Only Earth’s Whey has the noble distinction of creating a new paradigm in the science of retaining this raw and fresh state called Bio-Fresh. All-the-while, we make delicious Earth’s Whey with only three raw and natural ingredients.

Super Fresh and Bio-Alive, as found in Nature.

Bio-Alive™ – As Found In Nature

Earth’s Whey Bio-Alive whey protein still retains the life-active and natural – as found in nature – health and life giving properties. This ensures that you receive the highest level of Mother Nature’s nutritional power and potency.

This great care and commitment is a true foundation for us, and allows for what we believe to be the highest biological availability and raw nutritional power compared to any other whey protein supplement.

Sure, Bio-Fresh hand crafting takes time and may cost a little more per serving, but no one has invented this level of perfection to retain the powerful distinction of “as found in nature,” except us.

And Bio-Fresh retains this all the way to your last scoop of delicious Earth’s Whey. That’s an unconditional promise.


Three (3) Pure and Simple Ingredients!

Creating a new paradigm in retaining Mother Earth’s “manna-like” superfood nutrition in Earth’s Whey was only part of our achievement. We also unstoppably vowed to find a way to keep Earth’s Whey super simple; simpler than any other protein made. Oh yes… and within this vow, Earth’s Whey also had to be the most delicious protein on earth.

The bottom line is pure and simple; Earth’s Whey has only three (3) pure and simple ingredients. Starting with the freshest Grass Pasture Amish milk, we scoured the earth to find the highest quality, respected and renowned resources for truly raw and natural flavors and a touch of raw stevia.

Then we combined our unstoppable passion, research, bountiful Mother Earth and natural science to make Earth’s Whey sensuously delicious and subtly sweet, with ZERO ADDED SUGAR or any stevia aftertaste.

3 Pure Ingredients
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Holland Chocolate, Sweet Swiss Vanilla or Santa Paula Strawberry or Pasture Grass Plain

Taste: It’s a Winner!

Earth’s Whey is a Gold Medal winner in the taste category, too.  Whether you prefer our Holland Chocolate, Sweet Swiss Vanilla or Santa Paula Strawberry or Pasture Grass Plain, you’re sure to love the deliciously rich, creamy smooth taste of Earth’s Whey.

Hey, great nutrition should taste great, too!  Earth’s Whey is a winner with even the most discriminating taste aficionado!

And it’s easy to digest! Earth’s Whey has also been shown to be excellent for many of those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies.

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Heat Kills Whey Protein!

Discover Earth’s Whey raw-alive and Bio-Fresh™ process which truly preserves the nutrients while processing the protein.

Earth’s Whey “Bio-Fresh” formulation process uniquely retains the nutrients that are so delicate and vulnerable to heat by keeping them pure and fresh.  This allows Earth’s Whey to be as raw, pure, naturally sweet and as powerful as it gets.  Other protein manufacturers carelessly damage the critically valuable and fragile antioxidants, proteins, enzymes, immunoglobulins and other vital nutrients with high heat, friction and their indiscriminate cost cutting processes. Our opinion is implicit, this is the greatest priority when choosing whey protein for you and your loved ones.

Earth’s Whey is the Amish Whey!

The trusted Amish are known for their unmatched craftsmanship, simple purity, care, respect for the land, and for others. Starting with pure 100% Amish Dairy Milk in Earth’s Whey ensures the cleanest, purest and most powerful protein in existence.

Cool Ultra Low Temperature Bio-Fresh Process

 A Profound Protein Difference

Most people are completely unaware that there are critical differences in how whey protein powders are made.

1) It all starts with the milk! If the milk is not grass pasture and non-homogenized, and is grain fed, overheated and contaminated with toxic chemicals, pesticides, artificial hormones, GMO substances, etc… then the whey protein powder ends up just as bad!

2) Earth’s Whey is pure, it’s clean, it’s raw, it’s fresh, it’s real — and because we use our Raw-Alive Bio-Fresh formulation process, this provides you with the raw power and super-food strength of Mother Nature; the way it was meant to be!

3) So-called “un-denatured” and “cold-processed” protein powders are in fact, not “un-denatured” and “cold-processed!” Most companies destroy the raw, natural nutritional goodness by using harsh, high-heat friction filled processing. This results in a low nutrition, highly REFINED, denatured protein powder.

Brilliant Natural Science and Hand Crafting = Cellular Inspiration for all 70 Trillion of Your Cells

Our Bio-Fresh formulation process allows your body’s cells to receive powerful cellular inspiration. Cellular inspiration has everything to do with how you perform in life – your energy, your ability to do more work, your focus, your improved metabolism, how you look, and how you feel.

Experience cellular inspiration, which is the obvious and empowering sense of well-being that will be self-evident to you.

Super, Natural, Hand Crafted Science and Care


Whey Protein Reinvented

So… there you have it! We invented a new paradigm in whey protein and we’re sort of proud of that. We finally created the ability to lock in the dairy fresh nutritional abundance and potency found in Mother Earth’s dairy fresh whey within Earth’s Whey.

The Miracle of the Milk

We’ve captured the miracle of the milk, and from it, we’ve created our miraculous Earth’s Whey for you. Nothing exceeds our Bio-Fresh process in providing Earth’s Whey’s manna-like super natural nourishment to you.

We reinvented whey protein and created the rawest, freshest, purest, cleanest, simplest, most deeply nourishing and delicious whey protein on earth.

With Earth Whey’s life changing, alive and raw grass fed whey protein, you always have the miraculous power of Mother Nature provided so specially to you!


Customer Opinions
Customer Opinions


USA Silver Medalist

“When your body is nourished with what it needs, the best of what nature can provide, your body becomes truly inspired to serve you to accomplish what matters most to you, the best of life, the best of relationships and the best of health. Let Earth’s Whey high performance protein super food power you!”



Owner Playboy Magazine

“To all of my workout buddies that tried to keep this a secret from me.. I told you I would find out! Thank you to the Earth’s Whey Team for hooking me up! This stuff tastes 10x better than I expected given how well it works.”

Customer Opinions
Customer Opinions


NFL Running Back

Seattle Seahawks #22

“Health is priceless wealth. I feel the zone. Fuel your body with this stuff. Hard work. Dedication. I’m here to win! Earth’s Whey helps do that.”

Customer Opinions
Customer Opinions



“I’ve been studying, researching and personally using whey protein for nearly 20 years. In my professional experience, Earth’s Whey is far superior to any other whey protein I’ve tried. When it comes to energy, muscle strength and making it through my typically stressful days, nothing I’ve tried compares.”



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Amish Tradition, Natural Science

  • Only 3 Pure, Raw Ingredients
  • Grass Pasture Amish Dairy
  • ZERO Sugar Added
  • Purest, Delicious Whey Protein on Earth
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Grass Pasture Plain

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